Architects and Commercial Real Estate

Architects can play a vital role during commercial real estate searches and renewals. In conjunction with real estate lawyers and brokers, they represent an essential part of any negotiating team.

Architects start by evaluating your space needs, now and in the foreseeable future. Saving square feet in your new space results in tangible bottom-line benefits for years to come.

In addition, they can suggest layouts suitable for your business, such as the number and location of private offices, cubicles, open spaces, etc. You may also need flexibility regarding growth or contraction. Architects provide an objective vision and can help you plan for the future in ways you may not have imagined on your own.

Workplace configuration affects employee productivity, interaction and morale. For example, does your company benefit from open space and more conference rooms? Do you prefer teamwork areas or private offices?

Architects help you make informed decisions and improve your company’s image for customers and prospective employees. They can also consult regarding structural design and office fixtures/equipment with other parties such as HVAC engineers, furniture vendors and technology experts.

Often, landlords will pay for the tenant’s architect by using a dedicated allowance for remodeling. Many landlords employ their own architects, but we recommend them only under certain circumstances and for a short time frame. Generally, an independent architect ensures impartial decisions regarding space size, layout and building selection.