Interested in selling or leasing your commercial building?

Important changes and improvements can raise the value of your building/space.

The residential market tends to stress the below points in selling homes but many of their positioning/staging ideas are often overlooked by commercial owners/landlords. Below are suggestions to make sure that the building/space you are selling/leasing is going to present in the best way to a potential buyer/tenant.

Phase 1 – Simply clean the space from debris; clear out damaged/outdated furniture and other miscellaneous items.
Phase 2 - Take a good look at your space. Are there water marks on the ceiling? Stains on the rug? Making small repairs will enhance the ability to sell your building or lease your space.
Phase 3 – What does your competition look-like? Are there updated buildings/spaces nearby similar to yours?  A quick refresh of the exterior and landscaping, and on the interior new paint, carpeting and window treatments will greatly appeal to a new buyer/tenant.
Phase 4 – Create a Virtual Rendering instead of a major update of the building/space. Maybe you are unsure how to proceed because the needs and requirements change greatly from one buyer/tenant to another. One or several virtual renderings can help a buyer/tenant visualize the building or lease of space.

Similar to the residential market, commercial buyers/tenants are busy running their businesses and want to buy a new building or occupy a new space that inspires them ‘so to speak’, so first impressions are an important factor in commercial real estate as well.