Office Building Amenities and Your Employees

An office space search provides the opportunity to relocate to a new building or complex with an abundance of amenities including large indoor and outdoor common/gathering areas, an on-site conference room, fitness center, child day care, concierge, shuttle to train, covered and reserved parking, storage space, and even boat slips.  The current economy, high vacancy rate and abundance of furnished sublease space gives area companies an option to upgrade to a luxury location packed with amenities.

Employers today are re-thinking not only the internal set-up of their offices, but also of building amenities as a tool to attract and retain talented professionals, and provide a more vibrant work environment.

What are the direct and indirect costs of these amenities?

  • The cost of a building conference room is generally confined to the service charge needed to clean it up, and that represents significant savings compared to a conference room in a hotel.
  • Building fitness center costs, generally $35 per month, pale beside those of area health clubs.
  • Shuttle service – well, that’s typically free of charge.

In addition, in today’s office leasing environment, the cost of many of these amenities can be negotiated. We’ve had clients achieve free storage space, free use of conference rooms (based on a set number of hours per month or quarter), and free fitness center memberships (also with a pre-set quantity). We recommend exploring various opportunities in the marketplace to understand available options, and choose a building/office complex that matches your executive team’s vision of your future workplace.