Office Space Design

A dramatic shift is transforming office space design. Office size based on title and sitting at a desk from 9-to-5 have become obsolete. Some of the latest trends are listed below:

Redistribution: Office space was traditionally assigned based on seniority in the company. Today, many companies are providing space based on need: executives are sacrificing plum locations to those who require office infrastructure to function.

Flexibility: Many office spaces are now designed for flexibility, scalability and adaptation for unforeseen purposes. A modular design lets you convert space in an ongoing manner. Ms. Monique Delerme, President of Corporate Design, LLC, said, “By building a ‘mobile’ office environment with conference rooms strategically placed near reception and open areas often out of the line of sight of visitors a company can impress its clients with a dynamic, interactive space adaptable to changing needs.” As stated by one of our vendors, Design is visual intelligence.

Group Space: Office design can reinforce a company’s commitment to group work and open communications. From shared seating arrangements to wiring conference rooms for plug-and-play presentations, office spaces are evolving beyond isolated work stations. Collaboration within the office, and also with team members working from home is the new road which drives creativity and innovation. Communication is multi-faceted and businesses need to prepare for all avenues to ensure continuity and success.

Hoteling: For both telecommuters and frequent business travelers, hoteling offers a bare-bones office or cubicle for an employees’ touchdown. Instead of maintaining the status quo, office design now follows both a utilitarian and creative approach. Architects can show companies how to achieve maximum functionality per square foot and suggest creative layouts, which enables commercial real estate brokers to search for existing available space that best matches a client’s Needs.

Sustainability: We must always reply and always respond to changes that shape the cultural, and visual landscape