Project Management Support Saves Money

Effective project management can save a firm money and design time when considering office space options. Experienced project partners can represent their client’s best interests at every step of the process. One key person orchestrates all members of the project team including the architect and designers, general contractor, engineer, telecommunications specialist and others, from IT and audio-visual technicians to signage and art consultants.  Without clear direction and coordination, delays can occur, and that translates to wasted time and money.

Becca Nell from VVA Project & Cost Managers notes, “Our goal is to join the project team early enough to support an eyes wide open approach in selecting a building and space, and supporting Choyce Peterson in negotiating key design and buildout lease terms. In addition, we can develop a preliminary budget and schedule so that we are all aligned and can recalibrate your goals if that initial estimate doesn't meet expectations.” Becca continued by noting the project manager will effectively represent the client at weekly construction meetings by flushing out issues, reviewing field conditions and keeping deliverables on schedule. “Project managers are also experts in contract negotiation, knowing what to ask for, and what clauses are necessary to protect the client through whatever hurdles the project might experience” she stated.

Many companies believe they can handle this role with existing internal staff; however, these individuals may become preoccupied with other responsibilities or just not have the expertise and experience to fully navigate a project with many aspects. Bringing in a surge resource devoted exclusively to project management relieves this burden from the client and provides construction and design counsel on an ongoing basis. Ultimately, this project leader can manage employee HR communications as well and develop a plan for the entire office relocation.

Today, many clients also need strategic reengineering of an existing facility or assistance with downsizing operational spaces. If done well, it can ease the transition for staff through detailed and efficient planning.  A proactive project leader sees the end game from the opening and can work backwards to get the client through a difficult period without loss of billable time or revenue.