Tenant Brokers and Million Dollar Deals

Experienced tenant brokers deliver the most advantageous transactions to their clients including many benefits based on exclusive representation and unavailable to businesses “going it alone.”

Advantages of working with an expert tenant broker:

Objectivity: Exclusive representatives bring clarity of purpose to negotiations, efficiently analyzing a tenant’s specific needs, creating a team — including an architect, attorney, and if needed a construction firm and project management — and exploring and developing unique real estate opportunities. In a process tilted in favor of landlords, a tenant broker fills the crucial role of tenant advocate.

Leverage: Landlords benefit from their team of professionals who have thorough knowledge of the marketplace and leasing process on a legal, financial, architectural and negotiating basis. Expert tenant brokers bring the knowledge to do the same for their clients, while also creating leverage and competition for a tenant’s business to finalize a lease with every possible concession.

Accountability: Tenant brokers ensure attention to detail and consultation on critical aspects of a building and lease. In-depth analysis of the market, proposed space and the lease ensure that their clients are fully informed during all aspects of the decision-making process.

Experience: Choose senior brokers with experience negotiating office-space lease transactions. Remember, the total cost (rent, electric, & operating expense/tax escalations) to a 10,000 square-foot tenant who leases space at $25 per square foot translates to more than $1.4 million for a five-year term, and more than $3 million for ten years.