15-Minute Issues

Similar to other industries, the effectiveness of a commercial real estate firm is determined by 15-minute issues. Attention to detail differentiates experienced brokers from novices and can make the difference in a wide scope of services.

In real estate, these 15-minute issues go beyond direct negotiations and include the entire life of the lease: from simple questions about tax rates, to who’s moving in down the street or down the hall.

At Choyce Peterson, our extensive experience in the real estate industry, and our creative insights provide a high level of service founded on our detailed market knowledge and intelligent problem-solving expertise. Our clients become fully informed about market conditions and learn how to identify and analyze important terms in their current lease.

Before entering any business arrangement, clients must proceed with due diligence and investigate the claims of their potential vendors, partners or consultants.

Another key consideration involves the dichotomy between the salesperson and the practitioner. Who will be the point of contact for your account? In some industries, the President, Principal or Senior Vice President sells their experience and then hands your account off to a junior, someone who is unable to handle 15-minute issues, never mind the 60-minute ones.