Choyce Peterson Launches New Program to Empower Tenants in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

STAMFORD, Conn., July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Choyce Peterson, Inc. (, a commercial real estate brokerage and consulting firm, today announced a new program to empower tenants in commercial real estate transactions. The program includes online research tools, expert guidance with negotiations and seasoned advice on the entire real estate leasing process.

The initial component of the program involves a free online "tenant toolkit" -- specially designed to reduce the complexity of lease negotiations or space acquisition -- on the company's new web site. Choyce Peterson then provides its newly educated client with professional advice based on current market conditions and the company's extensive network of resources. For example, architects can reduce square footage needs by optimizing the workspace configuration.

Alan Peterson, Principal of Choyce Peterson, said, "Our free online toolkit is unmatched by other real estate organizations and can actually help companies at any point of their lease. It empowers tenants to make fully informed decisions on their own or contribute proactively when renewing or renegotiating."

Online participants benefit from reports on available space, vacancy rates and average rents. They can use a do-it-yourself lease report card or request an abstract analysis of 30 key components of their current lease, and even create an employee map to evaluate commuting considerations at a variety of locations.

The newly informed clients can then commence negotiations on their own or are then well positioned to retain a commercial real estate brokerage firm to winnow down the options and engage in complex negotiations with a building's owner.

The Choyce Peterson tenant program includes optional services from numerous outside experts. In addition to lawyers and architects, these experts could also include structural design firms, HVAC engineers and technology professionals.

John Hannigan, Principal of Choyce Peterson, summed it up, "Our company is unique in its focus on tenant representation, and we offer decades of experience to prove it. This translates into unprecedented leverage for our clients and significant bottom-line results."

For more information, call 203-356-9600, email, visit or write Choyce Peterson, 2001 West Main Street, Stamford, CT 06902.