Negotiating with Friends

A key fault line of many organizations is the intersection between business and friendship. Often tenant friendships with landlords become business relationships as well as vice versa. When you work with someone on a common goal or struggle in a business environment, you learn a lot about people. You often bond together, and that bond affects future decisions … as it should.

No one likes a cold and calculating business person, and it is bad business to proceed in such a manner. So what happens when you come to a crossroads and need to negotiate something complex such as an office space lease?

Often, it is best to appoint an exclusive broker. Especially due to the intricate details and business terms contained in commercial leases, this decision shows both common sense and practicality. The broker you appoint will orchestrate an arms-length transaction on your behalf, providing plausible alternatives, simultaneous negotiations, and an in-depth knowledge of the perceptions and realities of the market.

We’ve negotiated in many situations where there is good will on both sides, and everyone wants to maintain friendships that have developed over time. Choyce Peterson is always sensitive to these relationships, and we know how to apply a human touch to business matters, providing better information to our clients which leads to better real estate decisions.