Capital Markets

Local Ownership + National Experience.

Choyce Peterson is a Fairfield/Westchester County-based firm, led by entrepreneurial real estate veterans. Recent milestone sale transactions have accelerated our Capital Markets platform.  As a locally owned firm, our team is immersed in what goes on in our individual communities as well as at the regional and state levels. Our expertise is in how, where and when to dig for opportunities that make a market and what to accentuate to enhance the value for our client.

Our unique blend of varied local and national experience provides a nimble and creative approach that’s constantly evolving to accommodate best practices from owners, developers, and investors.

We can deliver…

·      comprehensive market analysis and property valuations,

·      scaled exploration of available properties (on and off-market) and timely, fully informed decisions,

·      advantageous contract terms; from initial offer through final contract, and

·      a quantifiable summary of pros and cons on various alternatives under consideration.


When contemplating a property sale, it’s critical to understand the market, set a strategy to reach buyers and evaluate the importance of preserving sale proceeds or redeploying them in a new investment. From a simple property sale,to a more complex, long-term repositioning play, Choyce Peterson knows how to be selective and leverage the appropriate resources to fit our client’s objectives.

Discover the strategic advantage of proven expertise that can assess the impact of zoning,access, visibility and broader economic conditions ensuring you optimize your property’s value by bringing it to market the right way with the right team.


As the agent representing a client on the purchase of a commercial building or land, Choyce Peterson is the eyes and ears of our clients. Be it a conservative first-time investor, an owner occupant or a savvy,multifaceted landlord, we excel at identifying the range - and limits - of available alternatives that meet a specific set of criteria and executing.

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