As the agent acting on behalf of a client searching to buy land or buildings, Choyce Peterson serves as the critical eyes and ears of a client, identifying the range - and limits - of available opportunities.

This assures a client that the handful of opportunities identified are those that best suit the client's requirements.

To provide this critical market insight, Choyce Peterson has developed a database of brokers, owners, developers, state and local economic development contacts to assist the firm in its search for opportunity, giving clients confidence in their purchasing decision.

Finally, Choyce Peterson's negotiating experience and presence on the team offer an arm's-length position, which benefits the client. When appropriate, Choyce Peterson's clients maintain complete anonymity throughout the process.

For a client seeking to purchase real estate, Choyce Peterson can:

  • Provide comprehensive market analysis and property valuation.
  • Explore availability of properties not formally listed.
  • Assemble most favorable contract terms, from initial offer through final contract.
  • Quantify and summarize pros and cons of various alternatives to facilitate ranking of options available and, ultimately, decision-making.

Consider Property Leasing Rather than Landlord Representation

Choyce Peterson brings to area landlords a team dedicated to positioning their respective property, whether office, industrial, or retail, to attract the broadest group of prospective tenants thereby maximizing the property’s return on investment. Based on 22 years of representing tenants in their selection process throughout the U.S. and witnessing the marketing process from the other side, we bring to landlords an in-depth knowledge of the property, the surrounding area, access, visibility and value.
  Our property leasing team has the reach to market/transact regionally and nationally and the deep local roots to best support Fairfield and Westchester County area owners/landlords.  Being locally owned, Choyce Peterson can be nimble in ways larger firms cannot and adapt to specific needs of a landlord or a property that best deliver results.

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