Choyce Peterson has developed an effective team from senior partners through research staff to administrative personnel dedicated exclusively to matching real estate to the demands of corporate tenants.

Whether on a transactional basis for one or more deals, or serving as day-to-day administrator of a real estate portfolio, Choyce Peterson partners with its clients to deliver capabilities comparable to those found in fully staffed corporate real estate departments without the need to add headcount.

Choyce Peterson's strength is its creativity in maximizing real estate value for clients. This creativity is gleaned not just from project experience throughout North America and internationally, but also from viewing local and national real estate issues through the lens of a variety of clients: from small growing companies to Fortune 500 corporations with up to 400+ locations.

Choyce Peterson provides clients with many strategic advantages, including:

Extensive client-side experience

Single point of contact

Professional lead negotiator-on site, in the field

Streamlined administration for greater efficiency

Clear, consistent communication

Managing corporate strategy vs. local interests

Corporate objectives implemented confidently and confidentially

Entrepreneurial spirit

State-of-the-art technology

And more...