Choyce Peterson was founded upon strong relationships with corporate clients having local and national real estate requirements. Each relationship has been built on Choyce Peterson’s ability to view the issues and available options through each client’s unique perspective, in the context of their specific business. This is a process that takes time. Choyce Peterson’s clients recognize the value of this effort to learn their business and the increased trust and efficiency that comes from a long-term relationship involving multiple transactions. Rather than repeat the process with numerous brokers in other markets, clients look to Choyce Peterson to be their real estate “field manager” for non-local requirements and thereby deliver a single point of contact as well as a consistent, comprehensive process.

In essence, Choyce Peterson becomes a corporation’s outsourced real estate department. As the real estate specialist on the team, much the same as with an in-house real estate manager, Choyce Peterson is the critical resource for implementing, strategizing and negotiating. The Choyce Peterson professional becomes the central contact for the landlord, the client firm’s local manager and the client’s headquarters staff. This streamlines the flow of information and facilitates fully informed decisions. Choyce Peterson also draws from local market contacts on an as needed basis.

For corporate clients requiring national representation, Choyce Peterson can:

  • Serve as the single point of contact for clients leasing and acquiring multiple sites.
  • Provide the expertise and scope of services associated with an in-house real estate department with the economies of outsourcing.
  • Function as the most efficient route to detailed information regarding multiple markets.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of client research and negotiations.
  • Implement a standardized search and negotiation process.
  • Project Management. Our team will guide you through each step of your real estate project from project conception and estimating, to contract negotiation/execution, to project design and ultimately through all construction to project closeout. We provide diligent cost and schedule administration, as well as regular reporting in each project phase to keep your team informed and, above all, to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.
  • Demographic Research. As part of a new site selection process our experienced team has the ability to quantify the pros and cons of statistics regarding an area’s Average Hourly Wage, Unemployment Rates, population growth rates, workforce education levels, Right-to-Work states, Workman’s Comp cost comparisons, Average Rental Rates, Kilowatt Cost Comparisons, Freight costs and other statistics that may impact a company’s decision where to open a new facility.
  • Market Surveys. With the volume of National Projects we work on, Choyce Peterson has the capacity, which rivals firms ten times our size, to obtain current market information on properties throughout the country. Whether a building is sprinklered, has dock height or grade level dock doors, a wide variety of amenities or available penthouse office space, is in Boise, Idaho or downtown Los Angeles, no one can match our reach for timely market information. At the very least, before you lease new space, renew existing space, buy or sell, call us and ask for a free market survey of nearby availabilities. With the ease with which we can turn around a survey, there is no reason for a commitment other than a "thank you".

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