Have You Conducted a Commute Analysis?

Whether relocating your office or renewing the lease at your current location, you should be making a well-researched, informed decision. Every aspect of this decision should be analyzed beforehand including the impact of a move on your employees, especially their commute. Companies must attract and retain valuable employees to survive. Consider the positive or negative impact an office move will have from an employee’s perspective.

An amazing tool to aid in this analysis is a commute analysis chart. It allows you to determine how the commute time and distance for each employee will change at a new location compared to your current building. By viewing the impact of a move on an individual basis, as well as on your workforce as a whole, you can reach a more informed decision, especially if you are choosing between two sites with similar amenities.

A commute analysis also serves as a powerful tool to increase morale as it clearly shows your employees you are considering the impact of a relocation on them. In fact, it can become determinative in your decision-making process if your building is too far away and causes difficulties in employee retention. A two-page commute analysis can be used to determine the most centrally located office point or color-coded to show home locations for senior staff. Drive-time analysis, location of employee homes and comparative templates for multiple buildings— using both spreadsheets and maps — all serve as useful tools in evaluating a potential relocation versus a renewal. We have created many of these analyses over the years and can do so for you. Call us to discuss.