The Field Group’s 2009 Summer St., an office property in Stamford, CT, has been fully leased. Following strong leasing activity throughout 2020 and 2021, a solar company, a security firm, and a not-for-profit religious-based group have each recently signed leases for the remaining office suites.

A Choyce Peterson agency team, led by VP Charlene O’Connell, has been 2009 Summer St.’s listing agent since 2020. “We are tremendously happy with the hard work led by our brokerage partner, Charlene, and the amazing job she and her team accomplished under challenging economic circumstances,” said Mat Field, manager at The Field Group (TFG). “Choyce Peterson engaged in direct outreach to companies, promoting the building’s move-in ready space, and did a first-rate job in reacting quickly to inquiries.”  

TFG has maintained its headquarters at 2009 Summer Street for over 20 years and owns and manages a portfolio of commercial properties in the region.